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A Vital Report From Pioneer Consulting

Now Available !!

Suppliers of the World’s Submarine Fiber-optic Telecommunications Systems: The New World Order

Although some system suppliers succumbed to the vicious market downturn in 2002-04, others survived by reworking their business models, and still others now see an entrepreneurial opportunity to come to market with a new paradigm. So the submarine fiber optic industry is tentatively viewing 2005 as potentially the starting point for resurgence. In this new report, Pioneer Consulting assesses the scale of the market opportunity and provides an objective basis for comparison of the new business models which system suppliers are employing.

The Report will contain detailed and comprehensive profiles of each supplier, reviewing their history, organization, capabilities, recent supply history, financial status, and product design parameters:

Terminal Equipment for Repeatered Systems

Terminal Equipment for Repeaterless Systems

Branching Units


Submarine Cable

The report will also focus on suppliers' efforts to develop new technologies which will be available in the next generation of submarine cables and what these new technologies will do for the market e.g. cost reduction, improved efficiency, higher throughput etc.

From this database of supplier information, Pioneer will synthesize two key points of focus in order to create a context for this research:

Market Dynamics

The Report will identify key trends in the system supply market, such as:

  • Demand Drivers & Constraints
  • Regional Supply-Demand Forecasts
  • Project Financing
  • R&D initiatives
  • Submarine-Terrestrial Convergence
  • Industry Consolidation & Re-Alignment
  • Increased Repeaterless Distances

    Comparative Supplier Analysis

    Using a proprietary methodology developed by Pioneer's in-house experts, the Report will assess the offerings of suppliers, based on criteria which are designed to highlight their capabilities in relation to different project types e.g. transoceanic, regional, festoon, point-to-point, repeatered, unrepeatered etc.

    This is important ground-breaking research because, not only has the systems supply market changed but there are also new Customers looking for guidance in choosing the right supplier and the right technology for their needs, new regions of the world where market liberalization is forcing regulators to work overtime, and new sources of capital taking a fresh view of the industry.


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